Get Successful Treatment Faster with Professional Help
Get Successful Treatment Fast with Expert Help

Are You Frustrated About Not Having Access to the Best Scientific & Medical Research?

Are You Frustrated About Not Having Access to the Best Medical Research?

We are. And that’s why we developed the Patientopedia™.

We believe everyone deserves access to the best research findings. It shouldn’t matter if you’re an Academic researcher or a regular person. But, unfortunately, it does. Most cutting-edge research is currently hidden inside long & complicated paid Academic journals & Medical Textbooks. Which require advanced degrees to figure out & truly understand.

But we believe there’s a different way.

In order to help more people access the best medical advice & information, we believe Professional Researchers (More About Us) have a real opportunity to help the general public.

Firstly, we want to help by doing deep research through the mountains of complicated scientific & medical research. So you don’t have to. And, in doing so, save you months of “trying to figure it out”. Which often ends in more confusion & frustration. We’ve got the advanced degrees, and experience reading academic research papers. There’s no reason that you should have to struggle by yourself, when expert help exists that can simplify your life.

Secondly, even the best medical advice is useless if it’s in a format that’s difficult to understand. Most scientific & medical research is published in long & complex articles and textbooks. Which makes it almost impossible for most people to understand. But we believe a lot of the complexity can be removed by clearly presenting the information in well-designed custom images, charts, and diagrams. That way, non-experts can quickly & easily understand every detail.

Finally, even with the best information in a clear format, people may not actually find it helpful. Because most advice is focused on just transferring content. And not truly helping people. But, we believe we’ve found a solution to truly help — by providing you with every detail on the best path to successful treatment.

This means that we lay out every detail along the path from where you are now to getting successful treatment. Which includes everything from what your condition is (what caused it? how will it progress?) & what your options are (will it get better by itself? will it get worse?) to what you should do (which specialist should you see? what’ll they ask? what tests will be done?) & what the best treatments are (which treatments have real lasting benefits? and are safe?).

The Patientopedia™ is a New & Different Approach to Medicine:

Professional Information

in an

Easy-to-Understand Visual Format

that shows

The Best Path to Successful Recovery

Our goal is to create an entire Patientopedia™ Expert Research Series. So that we can truly improve everyone’s access to a different — and far better — type of medical information. And help people suffering from a wide range of medical conditions get successful treatment faster.

And, we’re proud to present the first Patientopedia:

(For more information on the Patientopedia, please visit the Peyronie’s Patientopedia [here]. For more information about our other research for the Professional Medical Community, please read more about us at Patient Medicine [here]. To contact us for more information, please use the contact form below)

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We appreciate your interest in the Patientopedia™, and truly hope that we can help you on your path to successful treatment.


The Patientopedia Team

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